The Factory Interactive developed a customized mobile-app solution with self-service content management tools.

CultureForce’s CEO, Michael Peyton, is an avid lover of the arts. He wanted to share this passion with the community, and turned to The Factory Interactive.

Together, we began the process of designing a free-to-use, mobile application that would provide comprehensive information about cultural events and venues in around the South Florida area.

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Our brand development philosophy is simple: develop meaningful experiences across every customer interaction independent of the venue or medium.

Content Creation

Complex messaging becomes compelling storytelling when beautiful visuals are used to convey subtleties or bring overarching themes into focus. We are moving the artform of creating meaningful imagery far beyond a single photograph and extending it into the realms of 3D and VR.


Great design simplifies the complex, creates an emotional bond, and motivates an audience to take action. Our design team is adept at crystalizing the visual language used to communicate and connect with your audience.


Whether you’re looking for assistance managing your existing social channels, or want to develop an active community, our engagement team can help create custom content, develop influencer relationships, and leverage social intelligence.


We help our clients transcend traditional marketing methodologies through the implementation of innovative digital solutions.


As a digital first agency, technology lies at the core of every solution we provide. From content management, to e-commerce, to mobile application development, our award-winning team will generate results.

Our challenge lay in designing a platform which would later scale to serve multiple metropolitan areas and provide its advertising clients with a user-friendly, self-service interface through which they could administrate their venues and events.

Working with the Cordova Framework enabled our team to port the entire project to several platforms quickly while maintaining a single codebase.

CultureForce, which is available on iOS, Android, or via the web, provides the public with a very robust understanding of what’s happening culturally in and around selected cities throughout the US.

Each organization has the ability to edit its own content including information on the venue, individual event details such as showtimes and ticket links, Even reviews from the community and recent articles and blog stories from vetted contributors are available. Organizations can use a moderated push notification system to alert their subscribers to special incentives or bring additional attention to their shows.

CultureForce has expanded service from just the South Florida region to reaching cultural audiences in over 20 DMS locations around the country.