Working with Alan Newman and his Alchemy & Science craft beer incubator, The Factory Interactive was tasked with creating a new craft beer brand to launch in the Miami area.

Alan Newman, entrepreneur and craft beer incubator, approached The Factory Interactive on behalf of Alchemy & Science, asking us to develop a brand campaign for a new brewery in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami.

The Factory Interactive was tasked with laying the foundation for the entire Concrete Beach brand to identify with Miami’s robust, cultural and neighborhood identities. Concrete Beach opened its doors in 2015 in Wynwood Arts District.

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One of the core challenges of the project was distancing the new brewery from its origins.

Craft beer drinkers gravitate toward the craft brewery scene not just because they like the beer, but also because they feel good about supporting locally grown businesses— as opposed to beer industry juggernauts like Anheuser-Busch. Boston Beer Company, while considered a craft brewery by the Brewers Association, is still a large company, known for the Samuel Adams and Angry Orchard brands.

Our job was to develop a beer brand with a strong, cultured local identity: not an “asshole of South Beach” brand for tourists and velvet rope high rollers, but a high-minded, artistic brand that would be accessible and appealing to locals.

The other challenge related back to the sheer scope of the project. Alan Newman’s ask went far beyond just coming up with a brand name and drafting an attractive logo—though our team did do both of those things. On the contrary, we were responsible for naming and designing each product that the brewery would offer, from their individual beers to their T-shirts and other assorted memorabilia.

The Factory Interactive Concrete Beach

We wanted to create a brand identity that reflected Miami’s most well-known qualities but also wanted a beer that would reflect Wynwood’s community ties within the arts.

The first step was the brand name. We went through a naming exercise of over 200 names before settling on Concrete Beach—a brand name where each word represents one half of the community we were trying to reflect. The word “concrete” calls back to Wynwood and its base of emerging graffiti artists, while the word “beach” is representative of the more iconic Miami.

The next step was creating a logo that also represented both sides of the coin for the Wynwood and Miami areas. The resulting artwork—which we call “Soleil Internally”—achieves this goal. The background of the logo is the sun rising over the ocean, while the foreground is the face of a girl drawn in a very abstract, graffiti-like style. Similar to the brand name, the logo manages to be simple and straightforward while also conveying a significant double meaning.

From packaging to flavor, the craft beer industry is all about artistry.

Working with Alan Newman and the Alchemy & Science incubator, our team built a craft beer brand that pays tribute to both the skill of the craft industry and the identity of the local Wynwood area. Today, the Concrete Beach Brewery operates in the heart of Wynwood and the identity that The Factory Interactive devised is everywhere. You can see it in the giant logo embedded in the brewery floor, or in the slightly smaller logos emblazoned on the sides of each brew tank. You can see it on T-shirts and bar glasses. You can certainly see it the packaging for the beers that Concrete Beach distributes throughout South Florida—delicious brews including the Stiltsville Pilsner, the Mango Gose, and the Tropic of Passion.