Top 6 Things That Caught Our Attention at SXSW 2017

With another year comes another epic South by Southwest festival. This time around, the grand conglomerate of music, film, conferences and interactive media gave us a barrage of new trends and talking points that brought many issues and accomplishments to the forefront.

Here are the six things that we learned during this year’s SXSW that still have us talking.

1. Skyrocketing Social Media Activity

South by Southwest was good for business in 2017 as many brands associated with the festival saw a major uptick in social media attention. Companies that sponsored the event received hefty increases in reach, audience growth, and brand mentions.

Companies including Esurance and Pandora were the biggest stars with an increase in total engagements of up to 540%!

2. Creating Ideas out of Thin Air

Many innovative products and technologies made their debuts at this year’s conference, and one of the most exciting is the 3Doodler Pro.

Made for entrepreneurs who want to improve their brands by creating the newest and coolest products, the 3Doodler PRO (click here to check out a preview) is a novel and exciting tool perfect for solidifying bright ideas quickly by allowing users to draw in a 3D space.

Nominated for the SXSW 2017 Interactive Innovation Award, this carbon fiber pen allows architects, engineers, inventors and artists to literally realize their ideas on the spot as they can draw what they are thinking in all of its three-dimensional glory.

3. Political Involvement

Though it may not be a surprise due to the current climate we live in, the political engagement at SXSW was very present, especially when it came to some more sensitive topics.

New challenges to the transgender community were touched on with many speakers, including management from Tinder, shouting out their support.

Planned Parenthood was also a big topic with many CEO’s showing their appreciation for the organization. Tumbler’s David Karp even attempted to start a movement with the hashtag #TechStandsWithPP, encouraging people to use it as a display of their appreciation for the institution.

4. Capital One Dominates Social Media

When it came to the aforementioned social media presence, Capital One came out as the clear victor, topping just about every metric of success including a 295% increase in reach, an 829% growth in brand mentions, and a whopping 1205% increase in earned impressions.

5. Virtual Bedtime Stories

It’s no secret that parents always want to be there for their children, especially at story time. Unfortunately, with many entrepreneurial parents having late nights and out of town business, these precious nighttime moments are not always possible; unless you have Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories.

The program, which was displayed to an eager crowd, is really a miracle of modern parenting. The interactive VR system works by having both parent and child wear a Samsung Gear VR headset which then enables them to be in the same virtual space where they can talk, explore and read stories together, even if they are thousands of miles away.

6. Self-Driving Cars are Becoming More Than a Fantasy

There was a lot of talk about self-driving cars at this year’s SXSW, as what was far-fetched only a year ago is now much closer to reality. The NIO car company had a bold presentation, during which they announced their intention of having self-driving cars on the roadways by 2020.

Another exciting moment was the announcement of the NIO Eve, a self-driving family car that can seat a family of six with an interior that looks more like a living room than the inside of a car complete with a variety of seat shapes and an artificial intelligence that comes personalized to the owner’s habits.

It is fair to say that whether your interest is tech, politics, movies or cars, there was a conference or event perfect for you. If you are interested in boosting your brand recognition like the companies at SXSW did, then contact us today to see what we can do for you.