Kayak is taking Hospitality marketing to the next level with Virtual Reality

Kayak is taking Hospitality marketing to the next level with Virtual Reality

You wouldn’t buy clothes without trying them on first, right? Kayak feels the same way about booking a vacation and so they have created Kayak VR App. With this app and the Google headset, users can explore and see various world cities through virtual reality technology before deciding on making it their next destination.

According to Kayak.com “Once you’re in the app, you can select which virtual destination to explore and use your trackpad to navigate around the city. Our audio narrator can tell you about dozens of landmarks and hotels. Or you can simply immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the city with realistic stereophonic sound (that adapts to your head position).”

These features were created to help in the decision making process. Once you’ve decided if this is a go or no, Kayak can further help assist in your trip planning. You can currently get 360 view of two cities at the moment: Venice and Kathmandu. They will be adding more as the app moves along.

Hotels and other hospitality companies are also utilizing virtual reality to create more immersive planning tools. Marriott hotel conglomerate has their “vroom service”, Navitaire has their VR booking and search experience, and now Kayak has entered the VR game with an experiential “try before you buy” method.

VR is not just for playing life-like games anymore. We can expect more companies to explore this advanced technology to garner engagement through interactive experiences.