Global Directories is the largest, local search provider and Yellow Pages directory publisher in the Caribbean with sixteen separate markets. Global Directories approached The Factory Interactive with the goal of centralizing their marketing efforts, developing a new marketing message and consolidating their brand management with a single agency.

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Client Testimonial

"The Factory Interactive has been an integral part of our marketing strategy, handling all aspects of our marketing from developing ad campaigns to promotional products and a strong social media presence. They have provided excellent customer service and are very responsive to our needs. The Factory Interactive has a keen sense of what it takes to brand a company and they have assisted us with raising brand awareness in our markets for our individual brands. They have consistently delivered great ideas with attention to detail. Our clients have noticed our new and exciting strategies, which we believe is the ultimate compliment and attribute it to the effort that The Factory Interactive has exhibited. We look forward to working with TFI on current and new projects."

Christina Parsons
Director � Marketing,
Global Directories

The Challenge

As with any organization conducting business in multiple international markets, issues with cultural and lingual variances will exist. However, in addition to managing these small, yet culturally relevant details, each regional marketing office was accustomed to conducting its efforts through a local agency which had little to no interaction with other markets. The consequences of this insular approach included large-scale duplication of commonly used assets and a completely fractured brand positioning.

The Solution

It became immediately clear that tighter handling of the Yellow Pages brand and a fresh perspective on their marketing messages would be necessary to bring the company's brand position back in line throughout the region. Our strategy hinged upon the careful crafting of a new marketing campaign with the flexibility to cater to both Consumers and Clients. The desire was to create a message which held a universal appeal and one that could also be readily used throughout Global Directories' operating of various markets.

In November 2011, The Factory Interactive and Global Directories unveiled the new "Find and Discover" campaign. "Find and Discover" reminds directory users, and advertisers, that a world full of exciting possibilities reveals itself when you let your fingers do the walking. The campaign creative asked Consumers "What will you discover today?" when using the Yellow Pages, while advertisers were similarly asked "Who will discover you today?"

Radio, television and print adverts were developed to support the new campaign, as were sales and promotional materials. Additionally, The Factory Interactive took control of Global Directories engagement media outlets for each business unit. A series of engagement opportunities were designed and developed to aggregate new friends and followers while opening the doors for discussion and experience sharing amongst the client's fans.

The Factory Interactive developed a wildly successful set of engagement opportunities such as the "Get Discovered" talent search which allowed fans to submit their own photos and collectively vote on who should become the next face of the Yellow Pages. Winners can now be seen in many of the latest Yellow Pages ad creative.

In another Facebook-enabled campaign titled "Share and Discover", fans were asked to submit their favorite, local businesses by uploading photos and creating short reviews. Each business listing was then be reviewed by the community and augmented with additional photos from other fans.

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