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Good design is good business, and we've been preaching that for years. But good design isn't just an ingredient in our formula for success - it's a destination in and of itself. Good design takes proper foresight and planning, a thorough understanding of your ultimate objectives, and the business and technical acumen to rise above any and all hurdles that lie in wait.

Below you will find some of our agency's core competencies. We are accomplished artists and decorated designers; imaginative problem solvers, tech junkies and social mavens. We encourage you learn more about how The Factory Interactive can be instrumental in achieving your next set of marketing goals by contacting us today.


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Strategy & Planning

Whether you're starting from scratch or moving towards world domination, you've got to have a plan. We can help you put the pieces in place to succeed.

Your job consists of knowing everything there is to about your company, products and clients. Ours lies in the plotting, and then following, the best course of action for your marketing efforts. Along the way, we will spend time getting to know you and how your company operates to ensure that our efforts, and your money, will not be wasted on frivolous or ineffective initiatives. Let our experience be your guide.

Strategy & Planning provide the roadmap to a successful marketing push. To begin your journey, see if you can answer these questions:

  • What are my business objectives?
  • How, and when, are these objectives going to be met?
  • What resources are available to meet the objectives?
  • How will success be measured?

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Design & Creative

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so let us help ensure you look your best.

Good design is good business (and it's our motto!). Good design can simplify the complex, create an emotive bond and motivate an audience to take action. Our talented team of designers have been designing award-winning projects in print, on the web, over the air, and for your mobile for the better part of two decades. Let us demonstrate how what you see is what you get.

Creating a visual language for your business begins with you. Ask yourself the following:

  • How is my brand positioned visually?
  • What does our current creative say about us?
  • Can my story be told using imagery?
  • Do we have special concerns or criteria which need to be met?

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Social Engagement

The inmates may be running the asylum, but it's ok - we speak their language: authenticity.

Social Engagement, a.k.a. social media marketing and applications take advantage of emerging tools and consumer behaviors to facilitate one-to-one marketing opportunities with your desired audience. Social Engagement elicits feedback, provides instant interaction and is, generally, inexpensive to implement.

As with any emerging field, you may have questions or concerns. Social Engagement may even broaden your own understanding about the marketplace and your products in it by answering the following:

  • What are people saying about me?
  • Where are these conversations being held?
  • How can I improve my responsiveness to customer concerns?
  • Am I comfortable fostering an open dialogue with my consumer?

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Digital Development

Technology isn't a hurdle, it's a tool and we've built up enough experience to fill one of those huge, red toolboxes.

Whether you're looking to make a statement online or in the board room, our team will provide you with the best technical resources available. From data aggregation and management to website production and optimization, we've done it all. Combining a technology-independent philosophy with a results-driven, flexible development methodology, we can implement your vision quickly and cleanly in just about any environment.

Digital Development encompasses may different facets of technology, design and marketing know-how. Help us narrow the conversation by focusing your project's particulars.

  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • How will my audience use this new tool?
  • Which of my other marketing efforts will I use to promote it?
  • Do I have any special technical criteria?
  • Will I need to manage my own content?

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Mobile Applications

There's more computing power in your pocket than in all the Apollo missions combined. We can show you how to put it to good use.

The days of being tied to your desk in order to maximize productivity are long gone (thankfully). The emergence of ubiquitous connectivity, high-performance mobile devices and shifts in consumer behavior have opened methods of interacting with your audience on the go. Simplified, task-driven applications for your phone or tablet provide access to your business's core competencies wherever and whenever your customers are ready to engage.

Going mobile means you will need to understand the opportunities (and limitations) of the medium. Start by reviewing the following questions:

  • What elements of my business can be incorporated into an App?
  • To which audience should my App be tuned (consumer, vendor, internal)?
  • Which mobile platforms should I consider?
  • How will I make my App available?

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Analytic Reporting

We LOVE the numbers! They can provide positive reinforcement or help us fine-tune our strategies to ensure you hit your goals.

Success comes in many flavors (increased revenue, larger audiences, bacon), but being able to improve upon success comes from only one source: analytic reporting. Analytics is just one of the reasons we love leveraging digital solutions; it facilitates A-B testing, provide quantifiable metrics, increases forecasting accuracy and, above all, gives you results you can count on.

Analytics can tell you where you've been, but they can also help you know where to go next by answering the following questions:

  • How will I measure my marketing success?
  • Which messages resonate with our audience more?
  • Which initiatives provided the most return?
  • Have we met our goals?

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