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Coverall Cleaning Concepts, a provider of premium quality, health-based cleaning services felt it was time to clean up. Armed with aspirations of redefining the corporate cleaning space and a willingness to stretch creatively, Coverall selected The Factory Interactive to challenge the status quo.

Client Testimonial

"The creation and launch of Germville has exponentially increased our prospective customer and consumer�s awareness, subsequently differentiating Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System. This has lead to greater understanding of the value of cleaning for health in our business environments."

Ted Elliott
CEO and President,
Coverall Health-Based Cleaning SystemSM

The Challenge

Traditional marketing efforts in the corporate cleaning industry have been built around concepts featuring friendly-looking custodians toting shiny vacuums and new mops. Mountains of bad stock photography pasted into unassuming, and ineffective, direct mail trifold brochures proceeded our entrance into the marketplace. A general malaise brought on by the total lack of sexiness in corporate cleaning threatened to underwhelm our target audience. So then, how do you grab the attention of a decision-maker knowing full well that the last set of cleaning service pitches they received were swiftly taken out with the rest of the office garbage?

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The Solution

Enter Germville.

The Factory Interactive elected to prey upon our audience's curiosity, and fears, by developing a multi-touch, direct marketing campaign designed to shuttle recipients to Germville.com. The mailers' malicious messages masqueraded as missives and travelogues from the residents of Germville - which is hidden within the nooks and crannies of every office. For inside your crumb-infested keyboard; around those sullied break rooms and escaping from office wash rooms everywhere, the population of Germville looks to gentrify your work environment. These invitations brought traffic pouring into Germville's city limits via the quintessential viral marketing campaign.

Under the authority of Mayor Mike Robe, the citizens of Germville tirelessly work to spread themselves to as many office workers as possible. TFI brought this world to life in an interactive, "Edutainment" experience where visitors literally "get to know" the locals, perhaps a little too well, while they enjoy the musings of Germville's subcutaneous suburbanites.

While hobnobbing with the city's denizens, visitors are treated to astonishing facts about how unclean office spaces cost employers millions of dollars a year. Our hero, the Coverall family of cleaning services, ultimately prevails through a multi-pronged lead generation system directly integrated with the client's CRM solution. Visitors wishing to learn more were contacted within a few short hours of completing the online request form.

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