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Over the better part of two decades, we've produced some amazing, award-winning solutions for our clients. But awards are simply icing on the cake. We prefer to measure our success by how effective our efforts were in meeting our clients' strategic business objectives. Find out how our team can help you reach your global marketing objectives today by taking the plunge.

The First Step is Sometimes The Hardest

Taking The Plunge

Taking those first steps to get involved with your audience socially can be intimidating (just what will you two have to talk about?). Not to worry, we can show you how to do more than just keep your head above water. From audience aggregation and engagement management strategies, to apps for Facebook and guidance on becoming a thought leader - let us show you how to ride the engagement media wave.

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Client Testimonials

We’ve been fortunate to work with some great clients over the years. Here a small selection of them and some of the nice things that they had to say about us

  • "We know how important Dwayne Wade is not only to our team, but to the South Florida community as a whole," said Michael McCullough, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the Miami HEAT. “Our mission was to provide Wade fans with several easy ways to share their appreciation and The Factory Interactive was an ideal partner for this project, as they understood the ideas and timeliness of our project, and were able to execute our vision in a matter of days."

    Michael McCullough
    Executive Vice-President of Marketing,
    The Miami HEAT
  • "I would like to thank The Factory Interactive team for all their hard work and dedication to making the launch of Yo Soy Hialeah a huge success. The library looked wonderful and I think we had a great turn out. I appreciate the support of the The Factory Interactive team and look forward to working with you all again."

    Filemon Lopez
    Senior VP, Strategic Operations,
  • "Our various audiences consume WLRN media through very different mechanisms. It was important for the new site to meet each stake holder's needs and expectations whether they are at home, in the classroom or on the go. The Factory Interactive has provided us with an excellent platform through which we can directly engage with our community members, listen to their feedback, provide news or programming information and offer additional added-valued opportunities to our sponsors and underwriters."

    Adrienne Kennedy
    Special Projects Manager,
  • "We came to The Factory Interactive with a very unique request. As a beer distributor, we needed to recreate a website that allowed us to speak to our employees, highlight our community involvement, and showcase our extensive beer portfolio resources for both retailers and end consumers. We also learned they they were passionate beer enthusiasts that could give us incredible insight into what our consumers might be looking for in a functional website.

    Ultimately, The Factory Interactive was able to layout a format that filled each need beautifully. They built a password protected employee portal that created a forum for information that could be easily maintained by our HR department. They built a community and history section that allowed us to highlight our many endeavors and update as needed. Most importantly, they provided solutions for 2 avenues of communication challenges, one for our retailers and one for the end consumer. By creating a Retailer Toolbox with applications like "find your sales contact" we are now able to provide up-to-date sales contact information based on account number for our retailers. The Factory Interactive then took our extensive beer portfolio and organized it in such a way that allowed a user to quickly look up and learn about their desired beer brand. Additional unique applications like the "beer locator" took our internal sales data reports and allowed for search by zip code. The Factory Interactive handled the entire project from photo shoot to final production, all while maintaining our desired corporate identity.

    The Factory Interactive is a highly creative team that we will be working with in the future on the second phase of our digital strategy. We consider them partners in business!"

    Christina Cioeta
    Vice President of Marketing,
    Gold Coast Beverage
  • "With our new Pass D’Carib campaign, we are encouraging Carib’s global family of fans to connect with one another, and our brand, in a fun and engaging manner. Enjoying Carib in a socially responsible way often includes passing a beer to your friends. We felt nothing could exemplify that sense of camaraderie more accurately, or bring our fans closer, then emulating that experience in our online initiatives.”

    Derrek Waddell
    Managing Director,
    Carib Beer
  • "The Factory Interactive did an exceptional job with my recent project. I believe the mobile application delivered by them is very sophisticated and can be considered a game changer in providing students of law the power to share and learn through an open and connected environment. They took an idea of mine for an application, and went above and beyond what was asked. They provided consistent and quality feedback about the feasibility of certain features, and they implemented accordingly. They were tolerant of changes and quick to respond to anything that came up. I would recommend The Factory Interactive to my colleagues and anyone looking to build a rock solid application with a clear vision of what they want. Our partnership with The Factory Interactive has evolved into a much more strategic partnership, and we look forward to building on that as we go along."

    David Gray
    Case Briefs LLC
  • "The creation and launch of Germville has exponentially increased our prospective customer and consumer’s awareness, subsequently differentiating Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System. This has lead to greater understanding of the value of cleaning for health in our business environments."

    Ted Elliott
    CEO and President,
    Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System
  • "The Factory Interactive has been an integral part of our marketing strategy, handling all aspects of our marketing from developing ad campaigns to promotional products and a strong social media presence. They have provided excellent customer service and are very responsive to our needs. The Factory Interactive has a keen sense of what it takes to brand a company and they have assisted us with raising brand awareness in our markets for our individual brands. They have consistently delivered great ideas with attention to detail. Our clients have noticed our new and exciting strategies, which we believe is the ultimate compliment and attribute it to the effort that The Factory Interactive has exhibited. We look forward to working with The Factory Interactive on current and new projects."

    Christina Parsons
    Director of Marketing,
    Global Directories
  • "Very impressive team of professionals. The Factory Interactive took the time to understand my project requirements and exceeded my expectations in every way. They took my idea and used their knowledge of iPhone technology to improve it and maximize usability. From iPhone development to testing and submission to the App Store, these are the guys you want on your side. The only agency you need to bring your iPhone app to market is The Factory Interactive."

    Gary Bahadur
    Razient Mobile Application
  • "The Factory Interactive helped us in the developing of our new website. They helped us to increase our visibility online as well as our brand awareness. We also learned how to implement new online strategies. We are very happy with the end result and continue to brainstorm new ideas with The Factory Interactive each day. The team at The Factory Interactive is always there for support and to answer any questions we may have. We look forward to working together for many years to come."

    Lucia Gonzalez
    PR and Marketing Coordinator,
    Adriana Hoyos
  • "I am very proud of my community and their innovative thinking to come up with Yo Soy Hialeah which was created by Hialeans. Through the internet, I am amazed at the tools we have at our fingertips. It is encouraging to know that the residents of my community have this instrument available to them. I hope that each city can follow in this pilot program. The event was a great success and I was happy and proud to be a part of it. I look forward to participating in the future and encouraging residents within my District to experience firsthand the incredible vision that the people of Hialeah have to offer."

    Steve Bovo
    County Commissioner,
    City of Hialeah

The TFI Incubator

Developing brands and creating award-winning marketing campaigns is just our day job! We've grown to like the smell of midnight oil on fire and when the whistle blows, we'll catch a quick stretch, roll up our sleeves and go right back to work on our own projects.

Digest Miami

Digest Miami is your Visual Guide to Dining in Miami.
The goal is simply to transcend beyond cooking and explore the many facets of the culinary world. From ideas and execution, to the inspiration of becoming a chef, Digest Miami is committed to the exploration of food as a lifestyle. Digest Miami provides South Florida’s leading restaurants with unprecedented exposure while also engaging consumers with interactive video content, curated events, and more! Digest Miami is delivered across the entire digital publishing spectrum including an augmented reality iPhone mobile application.

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Print 2 Park

Wouldn't it be great if you could take your paid parking with you from location to location, or find and pay for parking using your phone, or even receive a parking pass with your next event ticket? We thought so too and began developing a mixed-used parking solution (Print2Park) capable of integrating street and garage parking operations with powerful payment and tenant management options (even for vehicle fleets).

Fast, Easy, Secure

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Supporting "Virtually Everything You Do Online", Veridoo is a rewards-driven, social engagement destination conceptualized, designed and developed by The Factory Interactive. In 2009, hot on the heels of MySpace's meteoric rise and just before Facebook's climb to the top, our agency began developing Veridoo to address what we saw as shortcomings in the MySpace model. You know, small things like aesthetics, usability, how to motivate users, etc. We would later turn Veridoo into a social engagement platform that could be private labelled for organizations and groups providing them with their own turnkey social network.

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Strategy & Planning Design & Creative Digital Development Social Engagement
Mobile Applications Analytic Reporting Media Placement

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